Monday, 4 August 2014

Hypnotic Music of Rajasthan Comes alive at Kingdom of Dreams!

Coke Studio celebrated Chugge Khan and his band of musicians set the evening on fire with Sufi magic rendered in true Rajasthani folk style at Kingdom of Dreams, India’s ultimate live entertainment destination. The nomadic tribe of entertainers from Rajasthan Josh spun a web of magic with their hypnotic rendering of the ageless Sufi numbers aaj rang hai he maa rang hai ree, dama dum mast kalandar to name a few.
To the accompaniment of Dhol, tabla, harmonium, manjira and castanets, ace musical maestro Chugge Khan’s rich and powerful voice soared high in the tradition of the Manganiyar musicians. The Manganiyar musicians have wandered since time immemorial across the deserts of Rajasthan, regaling royalty as well as the commoner with stories of Rajput valour and devotional Sufi songs, celebrating life and festivals. Chugge Khan and his band brought alive the flavour of Rajasthan with their earthy music and resonant voices. The desert and its hypnotic sounds held the audience in complete thrall and swept up the enraptured listeners into a magical realm. The magic of the evening was further heightened by the swirling grace of the gypsy dancer who kept up with the rhythmic sounds with her exquisite moves in rich and colourful gypsy attire.  The mesmerised audience swayed in tune to the music and the beats. A magical and mystical evening in the magical and mystical Kingdom of Dreams!

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