Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kingdom of Dreams, Celebrates Children’s Day with Swablamban

Kingdom of Dreams, Celebrates Children’s Day with

~ underprivileged children filled with joy and wonder by the mesmerizing
                                                             live entertainment ~

Kingdom of Dreams, India’s iconic live entertainment destination celebrated Children’s Day with lesser privileged children from Swablamban, an NGO that works for the empowerment of disadvantaged women and children. The children who had never experienced a leisure destination ever before were filled with excitement at this invitation from Kingdom of Dreams to experience a day of supreme joy and fun.
Upon arrival the group was given a traditional welcome at the entrance by the beating of the traditional drums, the nagadas. The children entered the Kingdom of Dreams premises and were immediately engulfed in joyous dancing by the folk artists from different regions of India. Some of the children overcome with happiness and joy danced with the artistes to the accompaniment of their traditional instruments. The visual feast of the architecture inside the Culture Gully and the blue skydome left them awestruck!
The highlight of their day was Indias answer to Broadway style musicals, Jhumroo – celebrating the spirit of Kishore Kumar. The extravagant Bollywood musical on stage which has completed more than 700 shows, held them spellbound with its brilliant special effects and enthralling music of Kishore Da. The fun gags in the musical comedy, Jhumroo kept their laughter rolling and the throbbing music got them to dance in the aisles.
Expressing her gratitude on the occasion, Jyotsna Grover of Swablamban said, The children are immensely overjoyed and happy for this Childrens Day experience provided by Kingdom of Dreams, which otherwise would not have happened for them considering the background they come from. I cannot express my thanks in words for making this dream come true for them.
An unforgettable day in the lives of children of a lesser god in the magical and mystical Kingdom of Dreams! A Childrens Day!