Sunday, 7 August 2011

Inside Kingdom of Dreams by National Geographic!

Multiple award winning show Inside on National Geographic Channel is doing a full-fledged expose on Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. It’s a documentary unveils how Kingdom of Dreams brings together the best of modern technology and wizardry integrated perfectly with traditional Indian performing arts, cinematic entertainment and India’s rich cultural heritage.

Exclusive insights into the making and functioning of the greatest live shows in the country. Watch it on National Geographic Channel at Sunday on 7th August at 10 PM. Dont miss it !!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Today on Kishore Kumar's Birthday we have a special announcement for all our fans. Jhumroo a musical will be launched soon at Nautanki Mahal!
Jhumroo is an out an out musical comedy all set to entertain its audience. Packed with 19 Bollywood retro songs, Jhumroo is a celebration of the spirit of Kishore Kumar, a legend who continues to charm the young and old alike.
A family entertainer in the true sense, Jhumroo will take the audience through the story of a lovable young boy Bhola, with a dream in his heart – actually two – one, to be a great singing star and two, to express his love to Meena. The trouble however is, though he idolizes Kishore Da , he can’t sing to save his life and each time Meena is in front of him, he can’t think of what to say!
Through the comedy we see Bhola struggling to fulfill both his dreams with interesting twists and turns that take him all the way to the finals of a singing reality show.
Jhumroo not only promises its audience a good laugh and a happy experience but will also surprise them with the storyline and an astonishing use of technology to help build the story up, a unique possibility only in Nautanki Mahal at the Kingdom of Dreams.