Monday, 22 November 2010

We inspire our guests!

Gurgaon, 22nd November 2010:

Following is an excerpt from a very encouraging feedback we got from one of our esteemed guests.

"Trip to Kingdom of Dreams left a lasting impression. I am proud to see such high levels of standard achieved. Please convey my best compliments to the promoters. Thanks for all the courtecies extended. Much appreciate your warm welcome. It made our day. But another interesting thing happened. Visit to Kingdom of Dreams inspired me to pen down the following lines.
I am sure you'll feel the essence and grasp quickly the content for whatever they are worth.
'Dreams, I Dream'
Given a choice ,
I would remain in dreams...
For reality hurts,
And hurts deep.
I have a small heart,
And that heart has a small wish,
It wishes to fly in the sky.

It wishes to touch the stars and the limitless sky,
It wishes to tell the world,
That love is not in dialogues,
Nor it emerges from the noisy glitter.
Its the sound of silence that resides in the purity of dew.
I wish to dream...
Of meeting Him...
And asking Him...
Why's there so much pain all round?
Why love is at a premium, everywhere?
My heart bleeds.
Yes! I do have a dream.
But just a small dream...
Waiting to shape into reality,..
To enter His kingdom.
And I am aware that I am being escorted there,
Slowly but surely.

Warm wishes & love,
We love our guests. And we love it when they show their love towards us.
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