Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kingdom of Dreams featured on Wall Street Journal

Gurgaon, 14th October 2010:

Kingdom of Dreams, a cultural entertainment park on the outskirts of Delhi that attempts to blend Vegas and Bollywood, is luring loads of visitors to its glitzy gates, one of its creators says, but creating a dreamland for them isn’t cheap.
Fortunately Viraf Sarkari, the park’s director, says price has been no object when it came to creating India’s next “cultural landmark.”
“It’s a potpourri of 5,000 years of Indian culture,” said Mr. Sarkari, sitting atop a velvet-padded gold throne in the theme park’s lobby.
Originally meant to cost $10 million, Mr. Sarkari said he ended up spending $40 million on the Kingdom. And that’s just the beginning.
“By the time we finish this we will end up spending about $70 to $75 million,” Mr. Sarkari said.

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